“21st Century Tips for Going Beyond The Veil”

Many times, women find themselves in their prayer closet with thoughts racing and other thoughts careening off the pathways of prayer. It’s difficult sometimes to jumpstart our times of prayer. The hard question is, “How do I get still?” “How do I quiet my thoughts?” This can be somewhat problematic. Why?  We live in a time when every thing is moving quickly.  It’s like society has a self-destructive addiction to living faster and faster.  God’s women can easily get caught up in the chaotic, frenzied, spiral of moving at break-neck speeds.  

A key Scripture for effective prayer is, “Be still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth.” Psalm 46:10  So how exactly does a woman still her spirit?  Here are six systems that could be put in place to help women calm their pace so they can enter into the throne room to be overwhelmed by the presence of God as opposed to being overwhelmed with the cares of life.  

  •  Start your prayer time with music: One way Godly women can hop off the hamster wheel of living is to develop a playlist of Christian-instrumental music or praise and worship songs.  Playing one of the selections will slow rapid thinking and a rushing heart rate; as women turn their heart and mind toward heaven.  This practice will change the atmosphere in the secret closet so God’s women can pray in an unhurried fashion.
  • Have A Designated Place Of Prayer:  To abandon the new normal of multi-tasking; women could have a designated place of prayer. This space could contain a: Bible, tissues, anointed oil, writing pen, Bible promise book, tallit, prayer pillow, and prayer book at the ready. This special place, reserved for threshing floor experiences, will slow the mind and heart; while preparing the soul to encounter the peace of God in this designated space.
  • Jumpstart Prayer Times With An Audiobook:  Another way to quiet the microwave-society mindset is with an audiobook. Purchasing an audiobook on the topic of prayer can help women enter their war room with a ready spirit.  As she focuses on listening to the audiobook for a few minutes, she will receive heavenly downloads that encourage her to rest in His presence and move forward in prayer.
  •  Set An Appointment Time: When God’s women are overwhelmed with a myriad of tasks they can consider setting up a specific time on their schedule to pray during that day.  This would be a time when everything on the schedule is dropped immediately for one-on-one time with God. 
  • Journal: When a woman finds herself entering into her prayer closet with a situation weighing heavily on her mind, she could journal. Journaling will clear the mind of the situation and provide an open door for the woman to enter into the secret place for prayer.  Applying this life system will assist God’s woman in stepping off the conveyor belt of fast-paced living and into the realm of prayer.
  • Begin With Writing A Prayer List. Here is another system to help women combat the available-on-demand lifestyle.  When a woman is mentally bombarded with an overwhelming to-do list; one thing she can do is, write a prayer list associated with every item on her to-do list.  This will help her to write all of the concerns down in her prayer journal.  As she yields her concerns to Him; she will hear God’s heart concerning her schedule.

There are many other ways to enter a stillness before prayer: sit in nature, meditate on the Names of God, go for a walk, read a Scripture, go to your Church to pray, and more. Godly women require time to pause and reflect. Women can quiet the hurried-culture zone of existence to enter a stillness with Christ.  It is my prayer that each woman who reads this blog enjoys the stillness that comes with knowing that He is God.  Indeed He is God, He is so great, He is infinitely above all comprehension and comparison.  

BE STILL, my heart.

8 thoughts on “BE STILL

  1. 21st Century Tips for Going Beyond the Veil is Exactly what I needed !!
    I was just saying to myself I need something to help settle myself down before prayer.
    Look at God!
    Thank you So Much!!
    You just Blessed Me 1st Lady

  2. ladymelissaffields November 19, 2019 — 2:23 am

    Blessings: You just blessed me, Monty Reeves. Thanks for your comments. God knows exactly what need. He has so many secrets and wisdom that He wants to share with us beyond the veil. Enjoy your time with Him, Lady Fields.

  3. PTL, good morning my dear sister!! Oh what a treasure this morning reading your blog, Be Still!! Every time my back has been up against a wall, I hear Be Still! This is the confidence I have in Him, because He has never failed me yet! I love the bullet points for success, they work to block out the enemy. As we fight daily, it’s great to know, we have these tools available to succeed! Be blessed!

  4. Why just reading this beautiful writing is a poetic calming of ones spirit. I feel the softness of a woman’s heart, her touch and her love throughout your words of encouragement. Women everywhere can glean from this and began to approach the Throne of God in such sweet, womanly ways! Thank you for sharing your beautiful gift to uplift our lives. Much love and appreciation to you Lady Melissa.

  5. ladymelissaffields November 20, 2019 — 2:07 am

    Blessings, peace, and joy, Mother Sandi Carter! Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this blog post. There is no place on earth that compares to being in God’s presence. It’s wonderful how He fills us over and over again with His power, love, and a sound mind while in the secret place. Lady Fields

  6. ladymelissaffields November 20, 2019 — 2:12 am

    Blessings on blessings, Shawn Wilkins. Thanks so much for writing your thoughts here. Esther, Hannah. and Anna were women who prayed and God heard their cries. These women provide us with examples on how to quiet ourselves and bask in His presence. There’s joy, peace, love, hope and answers in Him. Lady Fields.

  7. Keep them coming Lady Melissa! My husband loves to see me studying and you provoke me to go deeper! You are appreciated!

  8. ladymelissaffields November 20, 2019 — 10:15 pm

    Thanks for the encouragement, Shawn Wilkins. I happy for you and your journey deeper into The Word. I’m diving in deeper into His Word, too. Enjoying Jesus!

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