Surrender! Surrender! Surrender!

The 119th Psalm is comprised of a colossal 176 verses.  It is the longest Psalm and the most extensive chapter in the entire Bible.  It is divided into 22 stanzas with 8 verses in each stanza.   It is known as an acrostic psalm.  This means each stanza begins with a different letter of the Hebrew alphabet; which made it easy to memorize the entire Psalm.  

This is a favorite Psalm of many Word-lovers.  It is a giant of a psalm with a focus on the Word of God.  Its size shows the priority that The Word should have in the life of each believer.  Word-lovers should surrender to God’s Word willingly.  Surrender means to yield to the power, control, or possession of another.  In this post; three points of surrender are listed.  It is imperative that you surrender to God’s authoritative Word before even unzipping your feminine Bible cover to read the Word. 

Point of Surrender #1:

Before you read the Word of God; surrender a praise to Him for His Word.  Praise Him for the revelation He is about to give you during your Bible reading time. Give Him a heartfelt “Hallelujah” for the victory that awaits you because of His Word.  The Psalmist wrote: “I will praise thee with uprightness of heart, when I shall have learned thy righteous judgments.” Psalm 119:7

Point of Surrender #2:

Surrender your heart to God before reading His infallible Word.  Allow Him access to your whole heart.  Prepare your heart to delve into the inspired, God-breathed Word; letting God know, “I am all ears.”  The Psalmist wrote, “With my whole heart have I sought thee: O let me not wander from thy commandments.” Psalm 119:10

Point of Surrender #3:

Surrender your habits to God. The Word of God should affect your behavior and your relationships.  The Word of God instructs the Bible-living woman how to behave herself.  As well, The Word shows us how to relate to others. The Psalmist wrote, “Wherewithal shall a young man cleanse his way? by taking heed thereto according to thy word.”  Psalm 119:9

As you open the pages of the Bible; do it with expectation.  This lengthy Psalmglorifies God’s Word; it refers to Scripture over and over again. The Word is referred to in almost every verse.  Scripture is mentioned in at least 171 of the 176 verses.  God’s written revelation is referred to in this Psalm as the: law, word, judgments, testimonies, commandments, statutes, and precepts.  The Psalmist by sticking to one subject in this lengthy Psalm helps us to focus on and adore Scripture.  You would be wise to read this Psalm on an annual basis to refresh your passion for God’s living Word.  And while doing so; Surrender! Surrender! Surrender!  I hope you will incorporate these three points of surrender into some of your private Bible study times.  Enjoy surrendering to God’s infallible Word.  

Bible Challenge:  Read this Psalm in a week!  How?  Simply, by reading 25 verses per day for 7 days you will complete this gargantuan of a Psalm and elevate your love for His awesome Word. 

Here are two Bible resources that I highly recommend to women who want to deepen their love for God’s Word:

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You have no reason to fear!

4 thoughts on “Surrender! Surrender! Surrender!

  1. Awesome instructions my dear sister! This Psalm is just wonderful, I will reread it following your plan, cannot wait for the positive results! Blessings always!!!@

  2. Awesome! I will to my best! I am such a procrastinator, but I am so determined to put away that word, and get to reading. Thanks for posting. Blessings on Blessing coming our way.

  3. ladymelissaffields February 1, 2020 — 7:18 pm

    Blessings, Mother Carter! I love His Word even more. Praying through this passage has reinforced my decision to live by, read, and study God’s Word. Beyond grateful for His Word.

  4. ladymelissaffields February 1, 2020 — 7:21 pm

    Greetings & Joy: One day at a time! Sticking with your goal to read more of the Word will have so many benefits, Cynthia Hardy. I’m happy for you and the commitment you made. Thanks for your encouragement! ❤️

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