Change Me, LORD!


Scripture References: Matthew 7:21, Luke 6:46, and James 1:22.

A young woman longed for a deep, rich, honest, relationship with her heavenly Father. So, she decided to talk about it with her trusted mentor. The young woman sincerely asked, “How do I live God’s Word? I know God’s Word.  But, how do I trust God like I am supposed to in my trials and tribulations?  What do I need to do to enjoy the peace of God when I am so frustrated with my life?”  The mentor responded, “Every true believer utters those questions.  These questions help us become godly to the core. They are the jumpstart to real, inside-out change.”

Sister-Friends, the word of God has behavioral changing propensities. The word of God will affect your behavior; if you allow it to. It does not matter what your triggers are.  It matters not how ingrained the behavior is in your mindset; the Word is stronger.  The word of God is profitable to correct, instruct, perfect, and thoroughly furnish you.  2 Timothy 3:16-17

Here are four tips to help you apply God’s Word to your life:

Tip # 1 … Use A Bible Promise Book:
A Bible Promise Book provides women with a list of concerns with Scriptures next to each issue in life. Some of the topics covered are: worry, enemies, fear, forgiveness, gossip, contentment, faith, help in times of trouble, humility, and many more. When you purchase a Bible Promise Book you can flip to the page that you require transformation in. Let’s say you are “worried” about your educational pursuits. Flip to the “worry” page and begin to meditate, confess, and pray those Scriptures until they become a part of your mindset and behavior. Before you know it, “worry” will have packed its bags and vacated the premises. I highly recommend a Bible Promise Book with the Scriptures provided in the King James Version. Click here to order at an approachable price. 

Tip # 2 …Post The Word of God:
When a particular Scripture resonates with your spirit. Post the Scripture on your screensavers, refrigerator, or mirror. This will keep the Word before your eyes. Whenever you see the Scripture; it will be your reminder to pray that you would embody that Scripture. 

Tip # 3 …Replay is Bae:
When listening to the Word online, shared by sound teachers; get in the habit of watching a replay.  The replay should be a time when you write down detailed notes from the teaching.  Then take those notes and pray that God would help you to exhibit those principles in your daily life.      

Tip # 4 …Use A Life Application Bible:
Purchase a Life Application Study Bible in the King James Version. This Bible provides study notes on how to apply each Scripture to your personal life. I own and use one of these Study Bibles. Click here to order at an approachable price. 

You can do this!  Yes, YOU can. You and God are a majority. I challenge you to start using at least two of these tips. You can have victory over the enemy, your flesh, and mindsets.  The Word is key.  Pray this, “Lord, change me–don’t change my husband, don’t change my children, don’t change my pastor, you don’t even have to change my situation, LORD, PLEASE CHANGE ME!” 

Sister-Friend, I am so happy for you!  You are about to enter the preparation, process, and power of a Word-inspired change.  Wow, what a treasure in these earthen vessels. God’s Word never changes; but His Word can change you, Sis.  

A three-word prayer that God loves to hear His women pray, “Change me, LORD!” Go, let the world see what a phenomenal woman of God looks like in the 21st Century. 👠 

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