“Beyond The Veil”

Eavesdropping at the door, you will definitely hear: “HALLELUJAH!”  “GLORY!”  “DEVIL, YOU’RE LIAR!”

Prayer happens, when I shut the door and pour out my heart to the lover of my soul.  The place where I receive enlightenment, relief, and courage. Beyond the veil with anointed oil, the Word of God, and a prayer scarf; everything changes.

The first tallit (prayer shawl) I purchased was during my 2010 trip to Israel. There, I saw the shawl embedded in the Hebrew culture.  Visible on the cobblestone streets, draped on  shoulders in the temple, and hanging in quaint shops.  I learned about this prayer custom.  The Hebrew custom surrounding the tallit is referenced, at least twice, in Scripture.

The first: In biblical times, the talith, tallit, or prayer shawl was worn.   Talith consists of two Hebrew words; “tal” meaning tent and “ith” meaning little. So, a prayer shawl is actually a “little tent.” This ushers us to the tabernacle, which was a tent and Israel’s first meeting place with God.  Praying while using a tallit is like having your own private dwelling place or tent of meeting with God.  Many testify that using a tallit helps diminish distractions and facilitates a deeper focus in prayer.

The second:  The shawl is mentioned in the Book of Ruth.  Ruth took a vail or shawl with her when she went to the threshing floor to seek Boaz as her kinsman redeemer.  Before she leaves the threshing floor; Boaz fills her shawl with six measures of barley.  Boaz does this so Ruth doesn’t leave the threshing floor empty handed. Thank You, Jesus!  Because, Ruth symbolizes the Church and Boaz represents Christ.  When I use a prayer shawl; I acknowledge that it is a symbol of humility and God’s desire to load me with benefits as He and I commune on the threshing floor. 

A prayer shawl … it is beyond a veil; it helps facilitate our fellowship beyond the veil.

The women of this community, Fearless In High Heels, have access to a “Woman of F.A.I.T.H.” prayer shawl. This shawl makes the declaration that you are a “Woman of F.A.I.T.H.” on one side of the shawl.  On the other side of the shawl is the acronym F.A.I.T.H.  It stands for stands for “Fear Ain’t In This House.” It is vibrant red, which symbolizes the scarlet ribbon that Rahab hung from her window for the saving of her household.  The blood prevails! The Scripture reference on the shawl is Joshua 2:9-13. Our lovely shawl is pictured below.  Sis, there is so much symbolism connected with the shawl.

If you would like to have your own prayer shawl; please click here.

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