About Us

“Fear Not, Daughter” is a message from God to His people, found in the gospel of John 12:15. God wants His Daughter, Israel, to know that He is coming. He wants to conquer the fears of His people. He comes to quiet all our fears. “Fearless In High Heels” is about hearing the voice of God say, “Don’t be afraid, Daughter! I am with you. I am here.”

Fear can wear the disguise of procrastination, second-guessing, excuse making, feelings of dread or anxiety, avoiding events, and irrational inner questions. In the midst of each deceptive tactic; God says, “Fear Not, Daughter!”

In addition to hearing God’s fear-calming voice; “Fearless In High Heels” will be the voice of a sister-friend. A feminine voice that says to you, “Girl, never mind that thought! Honey, put on your favorite heels and let’s walk fearlessly!”

Melissa F. Fields is our high-heel coach. Creating content to help women thrive in their life roles and goals. This ministry provides inspiration for women to be effective in their home life, the marketplace, the workplace and in the church. If you’re looking for coaching, creative content, inspiring training, and uplifting products; join us as we walk, “Fearless In High Heels.”

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