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Prayer Is Life

Pssssst!  Let me ask you a personal question, “How is your prayer life?”  Is it boring?  Is it cold?  Is it producing results?  Do you sometimes lose focus navigating the corridors of prayer?  Even if your prayer life is on and popping; Sister-friend, have I got a Bible-based and easy-to-follow prayer system for you!  It’s … Continue reading Prayer Is Life

A Diabolical Plot Against Femininity

There are many teen, young adult, and adult women who suffer from what some coin, “The Motherless Syndrome.”  These are women who may have been abandoned or abused by a biological, adoptive, foster, or mother-figure in their lives.  Adoptive moms, foster moms, women’s ministries, and communities must recognize women who are struggling with an orphan … Continue reading A Diabolical Plot Against Femininity

Is That Real or Is It Fake?

SPIRITUAL DISCERNMENT REVEALS THE ANSWER On a scale from 1 to 10; with 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest; what would you rate your level of spiritual discernment?  Hear me clearly, Sis!  We are not measuring a woman’s intuition nor are we weighing a woman’s level of suspiciousness.   Both of these are carnal character traits.  We … Continue reading Is That Real or Is It Fake?

Surrender! Surrender! Surrender!

The 119th Psalm is comprised of a colossal 176 verses.  It is the longest Psalm and the most extensive chapter in the entire Bible.  It is divided into 22 stanzas with 8 verses in each stanza.   It is known as an acrostic psalm.  This means each stanza begins with a different letter of the Hebrew alphabet; which made it … Continue reading Surrender! Surrender! Surrender!

Three Must-KNOW Fasting Tips

Happy New Year! It’s 2021!  A custom in many Churches is to have a New Year’s Fast during the month of January.  What a way to start a new year!  But, if you think the enemy is wishing you a, Happy New Year; you’re sadly mistaken, Sis.  So, how do you handle the enemy attack against you getting this … Continue reading Three Must-KNOW Fasting Tips


“21st Century Tips for Going Beyond The Veil” Many times, women find themselves in their prayer closet with thoughts racing and other thoughts careening off the pathways of prayer. It’s difficult sometimes to jumpstart our times of prayer. The hard question is, “How do I get still?” “How do I quiet my thoughts?” This can … Continue reading BE STILL

The Final Four

11 Tips To A Strong 2019 Finish As God’s women prepare to move into the month of September; we consider our goals for the year. Which goals have we accomplished? Which goals remain to be accomplished for this year? Now is the time to consider having a strong finish. How can we strengthen ourselves for … Continue reading The Final Four

Good Morning

16 Tips For A Fabulously-Productive Morning Routine  There are a few essentials that constitute  a “Good Morning!”  Highly effective women adopt morning disciplines, routines, and systems that make them radically productive throughout the day.  The Bible introduces the prime example of a woman that adhered to a successful daily spiritual routine.  The Bible states, “Anna, a prophetess and widow, … Continue reading Good Morning

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