Hello, Faith-filled and Influential Sistahs!

We have got lots of choices … decisions to make. The major question that we must answer is … “Will I choose FAITH over FEAR?” That’s where the Fearless In High Heels’ FAITH OVER FEAR 2021 CAMPAIGN enters the scenario to help you choose FAITH OVER FEAR time after time after time. The positive women who join; have access to a private Facebook group, participate in community assignments, have access to colorful presentations, get handouts and worksheets, participate in question and answer sessions. They meet every 3rd Tuesday at 6 p.m. in the Zoom Tea Room. Kicking fear to the curb will make innovation, goal hitting, and success obtainable.

We’re smashing fear in our closed Facebook Group! What are the members saying, “God is able to turn situations around. I am getting ready to stand in Authority! Yes, Jesus I am ready to fight. Thank you Lady Fields, for teaching me the way to break the cycle of fear. Jesus, I want to be used by you.” Sis, You can be a part of this type of transformation! 

The Course is officially open for final quarter 2021 enrollment. Click here to view preliminary materials. Register inside today! To view the promotional video, click below.

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