Fearless Boutique

Living the “Fearless In High Heels” lifestyle requires consistent reminders to silence fear and usher in a fearless mindset. Our online product offers will inspire you to live fearlessly. Thanks for stopping in … Shop fearlessly!

Lapel Pins

Silver High-Heel & Rhinestone Pin $10.00
Gold High-Heel & Rhinestone Pin $10.00
Pink High-Heel & Rhinestone Pin $10.00
Purple High-Heel & Rhinestone Pin $10.00
Blue High-Heel & Rhinestone Pin $10.00

Ivory & Rhinestone Keychain $10.00


Multi-Colored & Rhinestone Keychain $10.00
Black Glitter Foam w/ Gold & Tassel Keychain $10.00
Wearing My Fearless In High Heels Pin
Lady Melissa F. Fields

To place an order, contact us at: FearlessInHighHeels@gmail.com

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