Fearless In High Heels 180 Turning Points Toward Fearless Living

Lady Melissa F. Fields is the Founder, Author and Course Creator of Fearless In High Heels

A lexicon of quotes for women who are ready to tread on serpents and scorpions, step into new assignments, walk in His will, step up to their Goliath challenges, and take leaps of faith toward their destiny in their mot fashionable kitten, pumps, or stiletto heels.

Ladies, prepare for head nods, aha moments, chuckles, and some sore toes! These 180 relatable quotes will help you hush every fearful whisper. It is time to annihilate fear with these Scripture references, reliable resources, empowering declarations, personal experiences, and lessons learned by Bible patriarch who were told, “Fear Not!” Are you ready to think quick on your feet to combat fear on your way to the boardroom, podium, and microphone? You really can leave fear standing on the corner while you walk down Freedom Boulevard toward your destiny.

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