Women’s E-Learning Academy

Hello! Hello! Hello, Women of Faith! “Fearless In High Heels” offers on-line master classes, e-classes, webinars and live stream training on topics that facilitate living life fearlessly through the training platform, “Fearless Women’s E-Learning Academy.” Click on the hyperlink to enter the halls, sit at our black boards, and receive content that will help you be the woman of God you desire to be.

At the hyperlink you will encounter a warm welcome to the corridors of our Fearless Women’s E-Learning Academy.  This is where aspiring Bible scholars are provided with online, comprehensive, and in-depth studies in the Word.  All of our courses are study at-your-own-pace, on your schedule, with no official start time, end time, or duration. So this is perfect for a modern lady like yourself.  Here, you will  receive tips for practical application and Biblical background information to facilitate your knowledge of God’s Word.  

I am Bible-based storyteller, women of the Bible scholar, lead instructor, and the chancellor of the Fearless Women’s E-Learning Academy. I have a passion for the Word of God. All 23,145 verses in the Old Testament and 7,957 verses in the New Testament. I am head over heels about all 31,102 verses of the Bible. I have a passion for helping women grow in their Bible literacy. E-trainings include resources that may be reviewed year after year after year for a strengthened connection.  “Ah ha” moments and divine downloads await you!  So, get ready to skyrocket your Bible knowledge.  

Step inside to take a class and broaden your horizons at The Fearless Women’s E-Learning Academy.

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