God Says, “Fear Not!”

What’s Between Me Shaking In My Boots and Me Strutting In My Stilettos?

God Says, “FEAR NOT!”

You can go from shaking in your boots to strutting in your stilettos, with just two words from heaven, “FEAR NOT!”  Is your gait wobbly?  Are your footsteps toward your purpose staggered?  Is your stride short and awkward?  Here’s the jolt to put some pep in your step!  

The fears that have eroded your relationships, swindled you out of time, and deflated your self-confidence are about to be put on blast! You will be infused with bravery as you read the “Fear Not” experiences of people in the Bible. Get ready to walk into high-power rooms on Kingdom-assignment, leaving fear in the dust.  

“FEAR NOT” is a command to the spirit of fear to have several seats and a clarion call to Godly women to stand up and advance.

Lean in to hear this dynamic duo of words, “Fear Not,” from the mouth of God to the ears of His servants. You get to unpack the vivid and minute details of seven “Fear Not” experiences ripped from the pages of God’s word.  These encounters helped the recipients deal with, the: fear of man, fear of loss, fear of change, fear of rejection, fear of failure, parenting fears and more.  These chronicles will offer you a helping hand in handling every menacing fear in your life. 

This is a well-rounded reading experience; with features that make this an easy-to-read set of Godly instructions.  Sections include:

A “Fear Not” incident from the Bible together with tips and guidance to help you rebuke the spirit of fear and move forward in your Kingdom-purpose.

“Hey Sister” is the component for real talk among sister-friends.  Fear wants to isolate you; but you don’t have to feel alone in getting rid of fear and taking risks God’s way.

The “Call-To-Action” feature will hold you accountable for taking action that kicks fear to the curb.  No more reading, without action.  It is the action-taking woman who exchanges coward-living for a bold and fearless lifestyle. 

“Discussion Questions” for private or group discussion with a women’s Bible study group. These questions provide the introspection necessary to help you adopt an adventurous lifestyle; no more bland, boring, or purposeless living.

“Signature Coaching Method” is the space to discover a proprietary coaching formula from the Fearless In High Heels’ brand; outlining a tried and tested procedure for handling stress, fear, and anxiety. 

The question is, “How Do You Go From Shaking In Your Boots To Strutting In Your Stilettos?” The answer is … the pivotal moment when … GOD SAYS, “FEAR NOT!” we can go from shaking in our boots to strutting confidently in our stilettos.

The Book and Companion Workbook will be available on August 9th, 2022.


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