Signature Book: Fearless In High Heels

Our Signature Book, “Fearless In High Heels …. 180 Turning Points Towards Fearless Living” is pulling the covers off and exposing the convert mission of fear. Women are reporting that they finally found the culprit that had them feeling bored, frustrated, empty, and passionless in their spiritual life. No more sitting on your purpose; it’s time to prepare to enter the boardroom, move toward the podium, and say, “Yes!” to the God-ordained assignments on your life as you kick fear to the curb and keep walking in our Kingdom purpose, fearlessly. Join the women who are crushing, under foot, the debilitating spirit of fear. Click here to order your copy today.

Book Reviews:

Hello, Lady Fields:  I was reading my book, “Fearless In High Heels … 180 Turning Points Toward Fearless Living” and page 109 slapped me in the face and made my mouth drop open. I have to say, “thank you” for letting the Lord speak though you. Wow! The wisdom God bless you with.

This book, “Fearless in High Heels …  180 Turning Points Toward Fearless Living” is so hot!!  It is a must get.  Every woman should have this book.  I wanted to put it down; but, the more I read, the more I wanted to read.  Everything that I was feeling … I was reading it in this book.  It was like what I was feeling and going through was so real and alive; but, I know now definitely that it was a lie from the pit of hell .  The author, Melissa F. Fields, is amazingly blessed and a blessor.  Being used by the Lord, she is consistently pouring into her sisters in Christ.  AMAZING!!! 

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